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Anna's Teapot

Anna's Teapot Organic Sencha in Teabags - Individually Wrapped

Anna's Teapot Organic Sencha in Teabags - Individually Wrapped

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Anna’s Teapot is made from the highest quality tea from a family farm in Shizuoka Prefecture. The farm grows tea in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner that does not burden the local environment.

  • Thanks to the design of the bags and the highest organic quality of Sencha Asamushi (lightly steamed), you can prepare a cup of Sencha as delicious as in a top-class teahouse – easily and wherever you want.
  • The tea bags are large enough to allow 2.5g of loose Sencha to fully expand in the bag. Each bag is individually packaged so you can prepare a delicious cup of green tea on the go.
  • PREPARATION: Pour 250 - 350 ml of 80°C water over one tea bag. Let it steep for 1-2 minutes to make a light detox tea. Wait 10+ minutes if you want a really strong and bitter tea. To reach the right temperature, first boil the water to 100°C and then let it stand for 1-2 minutes.
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